YOUR ADVANTAGES AT Wintek distribution

Our Dear Team

Mgaidi Wided
International Coordinator

The competitiveness of the company, in an exacerbated competitive context, depends on good control of its purchases.

Mahmoudi Karima
Sales Manager

No harvest comes without hard work.

Touili Boutheina
Sales Agent

Our job is to find products for our customers, not to find customers for our products.

Sales Manager

My main objective is to be ready to learn and discover new horizons, it’s all a question of will and perseverance.

Rabeb Sebei
Sales Manager

Every success starts with the willingness to try 

Sales Agent of Solutions and Projects

We offer you innovative and intelligent solutions. We act as a partner in the value chain of our customers.


Khabouchi Hichem
Sales Agent

You don’t change a winning team.